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logo (Last modified 14 April 00) This is a partial listing of works of artists who have exhibited at the Uncomfortable Spaces galleries in Chicago (Beret International, Ten In One, Tough, and MWMWM). Plus various archived web pages of other galleries listed at this site. Materials include images, statements, resumes, and links to home-pages. In alphabetical order, mostly.

logo Walter Andersons ["Moreover the Same"]

logo Jesse Bercowetz ["Stall Writings"] ["Sleep Late"]

logo Stephany Brooks ["Last Name First"]

logo Jno Cook [Website]

logo David Deany [Exhibition]

logo Carol Jackson ["The Adventure Store"]

logo Marc Alan Jacobs [Website]

logo Dennis Kowalski [Sculpture]

logo Rebecca Morris [Paintings]

logo Aimee Mower ["Sleep Late"]

logo "I Paid $25 to Exhibit My Art in this Show" [93 artists]

logo Alison Ruttan [Photography]

logo Mike Slattery ["Vagabond"]

logo John Spear [Exhibition]

logo Charles Wiesen [Installation]

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