F ing Good Art
Number One
May 2000

Short observations on Current Shows

Drawn Out at Temporary Services

Good! High concept drawn out from the ordinary, Best of show was Shy-Girl and the guy with the funny letters (Rich Mackin).

OIL at Standard

Very, very boring. Mchelle Grabner is miscast in a show that seems to be about painting and nothing else. (The ghost of Ten in One lives on - decorative conceptualism.)

Wllliam Cordova at NFA Space

It brings to mind Robert Longo. Drug wars instead of corporate wars. Is there a big difference between these two? I don't think so. Now, Cordova gives us a parody a la Pulp Fiction set in the sun - Hip and cool and well choreographed.

Pierre Huyghe at the Ren

Has there ever been anything so cool and substantial? Dog Day Afternoon revisited. A take on perception, history, journalism and entertainment. There is also some minimalism thrown in the set design. Perfect, and at the MCA - Simply amazing! Pop-culture for the brain.

Henrik Plenge Jakobsen at CPR

The Project Room is leaving with a bang! Wall paintings; eccentric and colorful; aggressive and refined. "Everything is wrong" but it will be OK - good luck in CA.

The new Alternatives, or a reminder of how good things are here:

Law Office, FGA, Dogmatic, Temporay Services, Standard, Sixspace, Bodybuilder and Sportsman, Suitable, and NFA Space.

The good ones at SAIC's grad show:

Steve Lacy, Marie Bergman Crane, Andy Hall, Gina Dzickies, Merchant Adams, Mike Kiersuk, and Adam Leech. [and Frank D. Robinson's tough, strange "Ghetto" heads, Mara Pelecis' comfy, poetic, mysterious cocoons, Christopher Sorg's multi-tiered garden with lots of little plants struggling to stay alive.]

And the Oscar goes to:

The MCA for being so active lately. Thanks for the Thomas Demand, the Helen Mira, the big styrofoam piece on the wall, the Orozco and the Manilow drawing collection.

-- Pedro Velez, Michael Bulka, and Cindy Loehr

It's Not So Bad - SAIC MFAs
as seen from across the street

You know what? I really don't think the School of the Art Institute's MFA show is that bad. Why is everyone saying it's so bad? Is it the overabundance of personal identity politics which fail to move from personal to public? Or is it the preponderance of unmediated nostalgia -- revealed in white lacy things, hand-knit gloves, family photos, and old family films? Or perhaps it is the neo-conceptual work which, despite its seductive colors and sheen, fails to bring any new ideas to the table? Is it the photos of armpits masquerading as little-girl bushes? Is it the computer manipulated photo of a woman titled "I am our fiction?" (C'mon girls, let's stop being victims!) Well okay, I guess I can understand the negative reactions to the show. But it's just not fair to dismiss all of these artists in one fell swoop! Showing work in this exhibition is a no-win situation. It's nearly impossible to stand out in a group of over one hundred bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, newly-degreed artists. Even if you're exceptionally talented, and have something extremely compelling to say, it's easy to get drowned out by hordes of less interesting voices. Which brings up a question: how the hell did there get to be so many artists? Obviously,someone hasn't done a good enough job of discouraging them. Somebody definitely needs to do some discouraging, though, because who has the time to look at all of this art? It's easy to see why an MFA doesn't count for much these days: there are too many artists! Too many MFAs! The prospects are grim! Even the best and the brightest can't expect to get any kind of professional job, let alone a teaching position. Even talented artists can't expect a successful career in the art world. So, since most of these graduates will probably end up as web designers, maybe we should just grant them this one moment of artistic recognition. There are a handful of good pieces. My favorite is "You Are Not Alone" by Joel Alpern - a video of a regular-looking guy (presumably the artist) giving a short talk about how it feels to graduate with an MFA. He talks straight to the camera about the trials and tribulations of pursuing a career as an artist, It admits that a lot of his friends who aren't artists have difficulties too. He talks about his day job as a carpenter, and how he doesn't want to be a carpenter for the rest of his life. He admits to the near impossibility of making money off of the kind of artwork he makes (usually given away for free, or performance based). He talks about his desire to become a college teacher, and how other people see his artmaking as a hobby. Overall, he seems realistic, mildly frustrated but guardedly optimistic. His project turns an impossible exhibition situation into an asset by using the situation as subject.

-- Cindy Loehr

Special Stuff Happening This Week

Too much art. most of it in the same three hours.

a one-night only exhibition
Friday 7-11p
Embassy Suites Chicago
600 North State Street

Three Budget rental trucks
Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 12,13, 14
511 E. Grand (surface lot)

Kicked out of the motel at the last minute!! Moved to three Budget rental trucks parked at 511 E Grand. Yell Whitacre, Naomi Montgomery, Eric Archer !414) 698-3857, (773)645-4544)

(art)n Laboratory
847 W Jackson 6th floor
Friday 6-9p

Work by current and pat students ofthe Electronic Vizupliation Laboratory. Real-time, stereoscopic hordcopy output of virtual reality applications, ImmersaGrams Ire intended to to capture the essence of the virtual experience, preserve the sense of immaion.;md oct a an utention of the original artwork into the domain of virtual hardcopy. www.artn.com www.evl.uic.edu

400 Sauth Peoria St. 5th Floor
Friday 9p-2a, Sat/Sun 2-8p

iucas Ajemian, Nicola Axford. Joell Baxter, Johanna Bresnick, Sarah Conaway, Joseph Costa, Derek Fansler, Scott Fortino, David Freey, Angelina Gualdoni, Julia Hechtman, Laura Kina, Cindy Loehr, Jeff Maccubbin, John Neh'. Paul Nudd. Melissa Oresky. Anne Olson, Hannah Paradis. Rex Robinett, Fdipe Santos, Aiicia Sherson, Kwabena Slaughter, Kirsten Stoltmann, Kathenne Syroboyanky, Chris Trice, Kyrie Valtair, Corrie W~ft, Marissa Wolo6zczuk

1925 W. Division
Friday 9p-12a

A special reception and party celebratng the work of Laura Mosquera. Also Mark Qarson, MRI Painting Projects and Neil Whitacre.

Richard Milliman Fine Art
1364 W Grand
Friday 6-10p

Verge, 10' x 9' Space and Vedanta Gallery have collaborated to produce three distinctive exhibitions at Richard Milliman Fine Art on view during An Chicago 2000. Emerge - Francjne Affourtit, Jessica Peterson, Mikie Nagaoka Produced by Verge BOY- GIRL - Kathleen Kranack, L. Calvin Phelps A project of 10' x 9' Space Chicago, ILL., an installation by Dusseldorf-based artist Mischa KubJI. Other work by Mischa Kuball is currently on view pt Vedanta Gallery.

202 S. State (TEMPORARY SERVICES Buildng);
THE FIGURATIVE SHOW - floor 9 - Kathy Fischer, Social Event Archive, Laura Mosuera, Rosemarie Fiore, Jan Estep (773) 278-4793, (773) 486-5793, fgspace~hotmail.com

FOR - suit 1180
- Mara Ayaia, Alysia Kaplan, Jen Ramsy, Pedro Velez, Andrew Winship

QUICKIE- suite 1524
Friday 5-110
Jay anninghsm, Jill Davies, Julia Harvey, John Henly, Julia Marsh, Marcelyn McNeil, Steve Reeber, Mindy R~seSchwrtz. (312) 455-4736 jmemmesprodigy.net www.dtnchicago.cam

DRAWN OUT - art about obsession by "The Ancient Order Guy," Dr. Bronner's Soaps, Rich Mackin, Krhta Peel, Tim Donahw, Chris Ritter, Shy Gi~.. PARK - Deborah Stntman hat built a mobile parking lot guard booth which she will locate in various vacant lats in the Loop area.

SYMPHONY FOR DOT MATRIX PRINTERS by [The User] - dot matrix printers transformed into musical instruments http~/www.spt.qc.c~/the_user/ con ti nues through M ay 13 I~V~MN.ITI egsinet. net/-nobudg et/temp_serv.html 773.39 5.4 58 7 Saturday 1 -So

2135 Milwaukee
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 6p- 2a, Sunday 1-6p

Performance and installation in response to the environment of the historic theater. Kristen Anderson, Robin Barcus, Gabriel BurianrMohr, Rossina CPldeton-Ven, Elke Claus, Matt Davis, Eduardo De 5oignie, Epectir, Douglas Fogelson, Becky QPscon, Mason Hall, James Krone, Piper Lemons, Eduudo Martinet, Margaret Goddard, Jack Slosr, Candice Soave, Emily Stenmarl(, Alexd VanMourik, Harja Waheed, Stash White. (773) 395-1935 wruw.365pm.com

2423 W. Cortez.
Coachhouse Friday 7-10p


Museum Campus, Roosevelt Rd and LSD
Saturday 9 AM Coffee and donuts.

Dnid' Nash's monumental sculpture will be compiised of three elemental forms placed to contrast the vastness of the lake and to echo the geopmetric forms of the city skyline. The public is invited to witness the charring of the wood forms by bonfire. Presented by the Chicago Public Art Program

Exhibition Context Talk
TBA Exhibition Space
230 W. Huron Saturday 11a

1542 North Mlwaukee Av
Saturday, 10:00 pm - 3:15 am

ART CHICAGO 2000 Party
Vedanta Gallery V1
110 N. Peoria Saturday 1Op-3a

rifle the corpse of the last of the
Uncomfortable Spaces, and see the Final Show
Beret, Intemational
1550 N. Milwaukee,
2nd floor Saturday 1-5p

1239 N Wood
Saturday 4-8p

John Addud - bronze and aluminum, Christopher Furman - an emotional puppet show David R. Nelson - drawings, watercolors and pyrography. "A traversable world where showy blossoms with alkaloid fragrance and austere human inventions coexist as autonomous things. (773) 227-3 306 woodgall~aol.com

Room 307/308, Festival Hall,
West End Balcony,
Navy Pier. Saturday 4-6p

Six members of the Chicago Art Critics Association will give short slide presentations on Chicago-area artists, followed by questions. Some of the artists will be present. The presentations will be followed by a roundtable discussion of the Chicago art scene. James Yood on Gaylen Gerber, Cwey Postiglione on Max King Cap, Claire Wolf Krantz on Joyce Neimanas, Fred Camper on Tom Czamopys, Michael Bulka on Denise Dietz, John &unetti on John Pittman


sponsored by Goodlookin' magazine.
Monday, 6pm sharp CTA platform,
Blue line at Clark and Lake

Boutiques and;lrtist. H~ww.goodlodtinmagcMI (312) 243-4914. Boutiques andalttsttdessinnrs in a rush-hour intervention on an el platform.

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